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Are you looking to improve focus at work, at home and in your daily life? Have you also dabbled in super mushrooms and adaptogens but want to experience amazing, reliable formulations that taste great? We have done all of the testing, sourcing, and research to combine the best nature has to offer! Get In The Zone with our first-ever bundle that saves you 50% off a bottle of Balance 60.

✔️ Increase energy, longevity and vitality
✔️ Fight inflammation
✔️ Manage stress and fatigue

2 NOT COFFEE Tins + 1  Balance 60

You Pay: $100


Elevated Buddy Bundle

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to functional mushroom & adaptogen products. When you share products that are good for your health & wellness with your loved ones, rumor has it you get extra brownie points. This bundle offers you a great discount on our best-selling products while giving you a perfect wellness gifting option over the holidays... Plus, you'll get Not Coffee for FREE! If you keep the whole bundle for yourself, your secret is safe with us.

2 NOT COFFEE Tins + 2  Balance 60

You Pay: $120


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"If you're interested in boosting your productivity, balancing your mood and stabilizing your energy levels, this is a must try!"

In The Zone

"Excited to be able to take more throughout the day because it helps soo much with my productivity and energy levels."

Not Coffee

“This does wonders! Best mushroom powder I’ve tried, tastes kinda like hot chocolate.”