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Finding Harmony

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As we continue to evolve as humans, we must learn how to more effectively adapt to the changes around us. We are here to support these changes not only through products, but also through education, events, and the community we are building.

Years ago, our founder, Jeremy Hoffman began a movement learning the in’s and out's of the functional mushroom, adaptogen, and wellness space. After advising and formulating for various other companies, he knew something better could be created. Starting from handmade capsules in the kitchen, to retail shelves, it's safe to say the Oasis effect is expanding.

Back in 2017, he began creating his own formulations from inside of his kitchen. This quickly piqued the interest of friends and family who saw firsthand the improvements in his health and wellness. From then the community began and has been growing ever since.

To our Oasis community, stress is something we can overcome. It’s not something we have to "put up with," but something to feel in control of, to conquer and find harmony every single day of your life.