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Coffee detox challenge… It's time! ☕️

Coffee detox challenge… It's time! ☕️

Caffeine is undoubtedly one of the most normalized substances in our society. Not being able to function without caffeine is not something out of the ordinary by any means.  If anything, it’s more common than not! It's quite frankly "trendy". That is why we thought to do a 30-day caffeine detox challenge.

Why is this a good idea?

To avoid sugar coating, I’ll be straight up with you guys and say from first hand experience, caffeine withdrawal sucks! You feel tired, unmotivated, and simply unproductive compared to your usual caffeinated self. So why would you put yourself through this? Especially if it’s just for thirty days? Because I don’t think you will ever go back! Or at least not the way you were before you started the challenge. You see, in my experience the hardest part of quitting caffeine was convincing myself it would be worth it. I mean, I couldn't even remember what it felt like for caffeine to not be an integral part of my day! Lucky for you I’m here to tell you that the grass is greener on the other side. After the withdrawal period wears off, you will start waking up ready to conquer the day instead of wanting to strangle your alarm clock. Also, when you do incorporate caffeine back into your life, in moderation, as a tool to boost productivity, you will truly see how powerful it is.

What about my ritual

When your Nespresso machine finally becomes the expensive paperweight it should be, you might still be missing your morning ritual. A morning coffee gives us time to focus on ourselves, practice mindfulness, and simply enjoy the moment. That’s one of the reasons why I think NOT COFFEE is such an amazing thing. It allows you to keep your morning ritual, and the mental health benefits it provides but replaces the caffeine with functional mushrooms and adaptogens that will actually help your body be the healthiest version of itself. These herbs provide our body with natural energy instead of the “high” we experience from caffeine. This is important because since there is no high associated with NOT COFFEE, you will not experience a crash as a result. To go even further, although more research is required, our current research suggests that adaptogens dramatically raise your tolerance to stressors, which not only means your body will be in a state of homeostasis more often, but you are actually spending less energy on bodily functions in stressful situations. This will ultimately leave us feeling more energetically balanced throughout our day.

The cold hard truth

At the end of the day, this caffeine detox challenge is not going to be easy, and because of this, it has to be something you want to do. When your alarm clock starts blaring, and your head is pounding from the withdrawals, only you can convince yourself to keep pushing. While I'm here to tell you that it will all be worth it in the end, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it for YOU. With that being said, I hope you join us on this journey in not only discovering how good we can feel, but how empowering it is to do something that pushes us out of our comfort zone. For many, quitting caffeine has been on their to do list for years, but once we realize a simple mindset change can help us climb the unclimbable in our lives, that’s when the world becomes our oasis.


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