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Boost Your Well-being with Our All Natural, Mushroom and Adaptogen Blends.

Discover the secret to relieving stress, increasing energy, and improving your overall well-being with Oasis Adaptogens.


Key benefits of oasis ADAPTOGENS products


Our in-house developed functional solutions counteract modern-day stress through unique mushroom and herbal formulations.


Enjoy a sustained energy boost without the nasty crashes associated with common stimulants.

Reduce Fatigue

Feel rejuvenated instantly, and power through your day with ease.

Result focused products (No fillers, no BS)

We prioritize potency, creating unique formulations without any filler ingredients or unnecessary sweeteners.

Highly Concentrated Ingredients

Our products are 8 times more potent than most brands, meaning you get more for less.

Clear Foggy Mind

Goodbye brain fog. Hello clarity and focus. 

Our Promise to You:

At Oasis, we're more than just growers and herbalists; we're advocates for the environment and the human experience. With over 20 years of experience, we source mushrooms and herbs from responsible farms and avoid harmful chemicals to deliver the highest quality products.

Unleash the Power of Functional Mushrooms and Herbs

Our unique blend of essential mushrooms, herbs, and minerals are scientifically proven to offer powerful natural benefits without the traditional side effects.

Improve Performance

Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to mental clarity with our potent blend of brain boosting ingredients.

Enjoy increased energy, productivity, and a stronger immune system.

Achieve your goals faster and easier, whether that's excelling at work, pursuing creative endeavors, or taking care of your family.


Hit Refresh

With Oasis, you can regain consistency in your life and stop feeling like you're constantly playing catch-up.

Our blends are designed to
- Balance hormones,
- Ease mood swings, and
- Maintain energy levels

Allowing you to navigate your day with ease and confidence.


Elevate your Senses

Join the thousands of happy Oasis customers who have broken free from exhaustion, sleepiness, and memory issues. Now feeling energized, calm, and clear-headed with Oasis.

You can forget all about the negative side effects of caffeine, energy drinks, and other common stimulants. No more crashes, jitters, headaches, anxiety, or nausea.

Get the benefits



This synergistic blend enhances your mental focus and provides natural energy and vitality—like drinking coffee, but without the jitters or crashes. It's the perfect way to kickstart your day, naturally.

8:1 Potent Mushroom Blend

Rich in Anti-Oxidants

Clean Energy Without The Crash

Don't Just Take Our Word for It:

Our products are endorsed by registered therapists, herbalists, nutritionists, and doctors:


Medical Doctor/M.D.

"With Not Coffee my experience has been a smooth stimulant effect without jitters and with out increased anxiety. I found it gave me energy and alertness and it has been providing endurance without feeling hyped. I would recommend it to any professional, athletes and any physician colleagues."


Naturopathic Doctor

"Virtually everyone experiences stress. Oasis Adaptogens products nourish the adrenal glands that play a major role in managing the body’s stress response and provide key nutrition."



"I love Oasis products! The power of our mushroom and plant allies is an experience that can be lived and felt. Adaptogens allow us to become a part of our environment and move with what comes our way, rather than being overwhelmed by it. They assist us in moving deeper into the experience of being human, and allow us to have the courage and stamina to dive into the work we came here to do."


our lifetime stress-free guarantee

We stand by our products. That's why we offer a Stress-Free Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t notice any benefits after 30 days, we’ll refund every cent – no questions asked.

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Over 3,000 Products sold Across North America

Natascha Schulmeister

“I didn't realize how much anxiety coffee was truly giving me. Not Coffee woke me up but I felt normal and more focused while working!”

Naomi Solano 

"I took a balance this morning, I definitely felt the energy and focus while at work. It reminded me of the focus/clarity I had after taking other stimulants but without the jitters or anxiety"

Marah Berezowsky

"I used to drink 5-7 cups of coffee per day and NOT COFFEE helped me kick my excessive coffee habit. Since cutting back, I feel way more balanced and less anxious."

More than 3,000 customers finding their harmony

Listen to what customers are saying about Oasis

Oasis Adaptogens Testimonial
Oasis Adaptogens Testimonial
Oasis Adaptogens Testimonial
Oasis Adaptogens Testimonial
Oasis Adaptogens Testimonial

Oasis Functional Blends – More Than Just Coffee Alternatives

Our blends are fantastic additions to your favorite recipes. Experience the transformative power of adaptogens, not only as a coffee substitute but as a natural enhancement to your favorite recipes.

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Our Best Sellers

Not Coffee

Not Coffee

Shift your morning ritual with our synergistic blend that enhances your mental focus and provides natural energy and vitality—like drinking coffee, but… Not Coffee!



Superfood adaptogen capsules designed to help bring balance back into your life. Combining the best mushrooms on the market, with other powerful natural ingredients to nourish your body and mind.

Magic Matcha


Matcha elevated with mushrooms, nootropics, and adaptogens. Contains a fraction of the caffeine of a cup of coffee, this blend is crafted to calmly energize and support your daily routines without any crashes or jitters.


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