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Bad Habits Bad Habits Bad Habits 🎶

Bad Habits Bad Habits Bad Habits 🎶

Are There Good Bad Habits?

What is a bad habit? To me, it is doing something habitually that either has no benefit to us or in many cases, something that actually affects us in a negative way. Now we all have bad habits, so that’s nothing to worry about, but, if we aren’t doing anything to fix them then maybe we should worry… JUST KIDDING do not worry! Stress less feel better is literally our motto around here.


The truth is, many of us don’t do anything to change our bad habits, me included! I’ve been biting my nails for years and still haven’t managed to kick it yet, and nails don’t even taste good! This gives me perspective on how easy it is to fall into these habits, especially when it is something desirable like sweets or caffeine.


Other than biting my nails, in the past, I struggled with many other bad habits, one of the hardest to kick being caffeine first thing in the morning. Now, I'm not saying caffeine is bad, but when it got to the point where I NEEDED it or I couldn't start my day, that’s when I realized it wasn't healthy for me any longer. Developing a mindset where we can realize when we are doing things that don't serve us is crucial if you want to start kicking these things to the curb left right and center. Otherwise, we have no incentive to quit when it gets hard! You need to dedicate your mindset to being the most optimized version of yourself you can be, NO EXCEPTIONS. So, now you might be wondering how we do this, do we just quit cold turkey?


I can’t say what’s gonna work for you, whether that’s quitting outright or weaning yourself off. Personally, I'm an all or nothing type of guy so when I make the decision to quit, I stick with it. For some people, that method is not ideal. Regardless, my number one tip for breaking any habit, and how I finally kicked my coffee addiction to the curb was through pattern interrupts. Pattern interrupts are basically just a fancy way of saying when you feel like doing something, (that something being the habit you're trying to kick, in my case drinking coffee) replace it with something else. Now the problem is, that something else needs to be effective at distracting you. It is through this I realized the importance of having a GOOD pattern interrupt. Replacing my morning coffee with water or tea didn’t do the trick because it wasn’t rich enough. To go further, decaf coffee didn’t either because it didn’t give me the little kick of energy I needed. It wasn’t until I found out about mushroom coffee, that my brain was able to move on.

What You’re Missing Out On...

Mushroom coffee is rich, healthy, but most importantly provided me with the energy to make quitting caffeine manageable. Now I'm not gonna lie to you and say it was easy, but, I can truly say now that I am no longer reliant on my morning coffee, that I feel so much better. Waking up is no longer hazy, it is exciting, optimistic, and full of energy! Not being reliant on something I felt I needed was super empowering! It’s hard to explain how I feel, but I never would have guessed quitting caffeine would change my entire morning.


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Overall, I've been in the shoes of someone flat out addicted to caffeine and there isn’t much anyone could tell me to get me to stop. However, if you have thought about it and think it’s something you would like to do, DO IT. Trust me, you won’t regret it and after a certain amount of time, you will never want to go back. Not to mention, the extra boost you get when you do decide to have a coffee on occasion, will truly make you more productive.

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