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Balance is ever changing

Balance is ever changing

Ever since I can remember I have been learning how to cultivate balance in my life. I began working for myself when I was eighteen years old, and have always had what most would call a ‘hustler’ mentality. A workaholic, one might even say. 

I supplemented this lifestyle with an excess of caffeine, drugs, and steroids. The damage I was doing to my body was beyond my awareness. It manifested into various forms of disease; from chronic debilitating stress and anxiety, to suffering walking pneumonia for two years. Without going into further details, the point here is what can happen when we live out of “balance”.

Due to experiences in my young adult life and childhood my body was stuck in a ‘fight or flight’ response (as is the case for many of us). It was only by getting high that I was able to feel happy or relaxed.

The search for a “balanced” lifestyle took me all over the world, as I explored a wide variety of lifestyle modalities and substances. 

I was constantly trying to answer the question, “How can I thrive while feeling calm, and remain focused?” and, “How can I do all of the things I am supposed to do and not feel burnt out and overwhelmed?”

Firstly, the definition of a balanced lifestyle is different for everyone; I believe there are tools that can help us build a foundation of balance, but a balanced lifestyle looks different for each and every one of us. 

Secondly, we are in constant flux; energy in motion. This means what balance means to me today could be completely different tomorrow. 

Living a balanced lifestyle comes down to knowing who you are. What do you need right now to maintain your state of balance or flow? If you are able to answer these questions in each and every moment you can stay in a state of what I call ‘functional flow’. 

When we dive into self-mastery we begin to know what the body and mind need inside of each moment! I believe that by tuning into that inner knowing, and then executing on the wisdom within us, we can live in a constant state of ‘functional flow’.

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What is ‘functional flow’?

It is the ability to drop in and out of different states of flow. To achieve your “goals” in a seemingly effortless manner.

Sounds great right? But how can you implement this in your life? 


I have broken it down into a few simple steps:

  1. Incorporating mindfulness practices; you might be sick of people telling you to try breathwork or meditation. But seriously, it's time to give it a go. No, it isn’t supposed to be “easy” however you are the one making it hard. If you are not able to slow down the mind and detach from your ‘monkey mind’, your mind will continue to own you. Learning the ability to come into a state of inner peace and connection (regardless of your environment) is an ability that puts you into another f***ing league.
  2. Learning to check in with your body and ask yourself what it needs most to feel optimal. This could be as simple as needing more water, or as extreme as needing a few days off work. Each of these examples allows you to live in balance. Remember a functional balanced lifestyle is constantly changing according to what YOU need most in that moment.
  3. Spending time with yourself in self-mastery practice that allows you remember the connection that exists within you.
  4. Releasing the urge to over complicate things; practicing acceptance, taking action when you can, and letting go of the things you cannot, or do not want to change. I often say, “life can be simple but that doesn’t make it easy.”
  5. I exclusively use adaptogens, herbs, and functional mushrooms to help my body adapt effectively to everyday stressors, boost my energy, and improve my immune system & mental state. They are all natural and have no side effects. My go to for these types of products is always ~ 

This process isn’t easy. Anything truly worthwhile doesn’t come easily. I personally wouldn’t want it to come easy. I thrive when I fail forward. I thrive by putting in the f**king work it takes to truly master my life; by master I mean being able to adapt to this infinite game we are all playing by adapting to what is immediately in front of me, to the best of my increasing ability.

I believe life is about remembering the connection between our body, mind, and spirit. Through this divine connection I believe we have access to infinite connection and expansion. I also believe we are only beginning to access the totality of what this even means. 

When I committed to remembering the connection between these pillars is when my life drastically began to change.  I went from living a life that felt empty of meaning, and full of anxiety, stress, and disconnection. Through relentless discipline, commitment, and sheer determination I have transformed and created a reality for myself that I could have never previously imagined. 

It took years of hard work to get to this point and I am ever learning. However, I am passionate about being an example of what is possible when we commit to living in flow and balance. The creation that flows through me as a result of returning to connection with myself through leading a balanced, functional lifestyle is beyond what most might think possible. I can only share my perspective in the hopes that it inspires you to deepen or begin your journey of self-mastery. 

It takes hard work, willingness, and commitment to be the best possible version of yourself in each moment.

It takes working through your shit.

It takes tears, surrender and occasionally feeling like you’re going crazy.

You have all the answers you need. It is only a matter of remembering the infinite divine connection inside of you; allowing and nurturing the connection between the mind, body, and spirit to guide you perfectly, always.

It's time to get out of your own way--to stop making excuses, and to truly, authentically show the f**k up for yourself.

It’s time to Get With It.


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