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Functional Mushrooms as a Coffee Alternative

Functional Mushrooms as a Coffee Alternative

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed drinks in the world. If you aren’t drinking coffee daily, I would bet you know at least one person who does! Because of how normal this habit is, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss how functional mushrooms can not only replace your morning cup of joe, but add to your overall health and wellness.


Why coffee?


When thinking about why coffee is so widely used across the globe, we have to think about what coffee does for us, as that is obviously what the majority of people want and need. Caffeine gives us energy, or at least it makes it feel as if it does. You see, caffeine doesn’t actually give your body energy, it just turns off the part of your brain that makes you feel tired. That is why a crash is so commonly felt hours after consuming caffeine, because all of those feelings of tiredness hit you at once! This usually leads to a vicious cycle of consuming more caffeine and I think you get the picture. On top of this, caffeine has a very long half life, akin to 12 hours, this means that if you are consuming caffeine past noon, it is affecting your sleep cycle in one way or another whether you notice it or not. As you can see, over time, caffeine will actually make us more tired. Whether it’s from the short term crash, or the long term disruption of your sleep cycle, it is evident that this drug isn’t actually helping us over time. So, with that being said, what alternatives exist?


Energy Boosting Resources


First of all, if you are feeling like you need caffeine to function, that is usually a good indicator that it is time to cut back. Once in a while, caffeine can be used very effectively to power through a tough day, but when used daily, we become reliant on it. If you are serious about feeling more energized, cutting back on caffeine, and only using it in moderation is the first step. Once this has been done, hacking your energy levels becomes much easier as it becomes a matter of how well you are treating your body so that it has the resources to serve you. For example, eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals will allow your body to function at its peak performance. Exercise releases endorphins making you feel refreshed. Breathwork and meditation are common mindfulness practices that help you focus your energy on the task at hand. All of these are proven tactics you can use to boost your energy levels naturally!


What about the ritual?


For many, addiction isn’t solely about the substance, but the act as well. For example, a cigarette smoker is addicted to nicotine, but also the act of smoking itself. The same can be said for coffee drinkers, they enjoy the ritual of drinking something hot in the morning. This is one of the reasons why we created NOT COFFEE. Not only does it nourish and provide real, natural energy to the body, but it also satisfies the craving for that morning drink. On top of this, the inclusion of adaptogens in our formulation works to raise the body's stress response, something that caffeine tends to lower. This means that stimulation from our phones and the fast paced world we live in have less of an impact on our bodies, allowing us to tap into our full energetic potential. This is why I personally believe mushrooms and adaptogens are the best coffee alternative on the planet.


Feel Better Now!


In many cases, we already know what needs to be done in order to make ourselves feel better, the hardest part is simply doing it! I hope this blog gave you a few ideas on how to feel full of energy again and I know from experience it is truly worth it to put in the effort. Whether you are ready for that next step or not, this blog will always be here, waiting for when you are.



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