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How Long Until I Notice A Change In My Body?

How Long Until I Notice A Change In My Body?

Functional Mushrooms and Adaptogens have been used medicinally for thousands of years and are powerfully healing. Despite this, we live in a society where instant gratification is something we have gotten used to, and it is for this reason that many of us aren't willing to put in the effort to be healthy, even though we know it can pay off greatly. Today, I am going to speak to these earth medicines and what exactly you can expect to “feel” on your functional mushroom and adaptogen journey.

Functional mushrooms and adaptogens take time to work throughout the body. Think of how a diet change or workout routine might make you feel better. Sure at first you may notice nothing, but after a few weeks, your updated lifestyle will definitely start to affect your life positively. These compounds work very similar to that. In the case of Adaptogens, they work to raise your stress threshold. In most people this process takes about two to three weeks and because it happens overtime and slowly, it may be hard to tell that you have been affected significantly. On top of this, while some of our formulation is tailored to provide natural energy, many of the ingredients specialize in preventative health, something you definitely cannot feel! 

Why preventative health

Our current medical system, while not taking anything away from it, unfortunately is designed to help you once we develop an issue within our body. Here at Oasis, we believe living a healthy, active, and nutritious lifestyle to be our best combat against disease and future health issues. While none of our products can replace exercise, mindfulness, or a nutritious diet, they are potent substances that can give our bodies a massive boost to help us achieve our goals and keep our bodies healthy on the inside!

At the end of the day, functional mushrooms and adaptogens aren’t something you can take once and see results, these compounds take time to work through the body and reveal their benefits. The important thing to remember is that many functional mushrooms have benefits that we can’t “feel” and are working to prevent disease in the future.



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