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Superpowers; Between Adaptogens and Superheroes

Superpowers; Between Adaptogens and Superheroes



Beings with EXTRAORDINARY mental and physical abilities that protect and work for the general good. 


Beings with EXTRAORDINARY mental and physical healing abilities that protect and works for your own good



Key differences between Adaptogens and Superheroes:

1. A being?

    1. Superheroes are usually Humans, Aliens, or Demigods/Demi goddesses
    2. Adaptogens are simple nature provided plants, herbs, and fungus

2. Protects and works for:

    1. Superheroes - general good
    2. Adaptogens - your own good

3. Fic-Fac:

    1. Superheroes are fictional
    2. Adaptogens are factual

Exploring Adaptogenic benefits as Superheroic powers:


1. Captain Turkey-Tail Canuck

Just like how Captain Canuck’s alien-provided suit protected him from toxins - gave him super strength - and enhanced his durability, integrating Turkey Tail (a nature-provided substance) into your diet plan helps you eliminate toxins - improves your energy - and boosts your strength.

2. Nelvana of the Reishi Mushroom


Ok hear me now… 

  • Nelvana is a DemigoddessReishi is known as the Elixir of Immortality
  • While Nelvanas powers were provided by her Father (the Northern Lights)... Reishi Mushroomspowers are provided by mother nature 
  • Although Nelvana is easy to fall in love with for all of her heroic battles against Nation enemiesReishi fights against modern-day Hitler (Cancer), shady traders (Stress), and interdimensional beings (Anxiety and Depression). All in your favor. 

See? Legendary.

1. Pro-wolverine-polis


Wolverine's most recognizable ability is the healing factor, everybody thinks of Wolverine when it comes to super-healing super-heroes. 

You should start thinking of Propolis instead though. Its the super-healing superhero of adaptogens, and with good reasons!

Propolis can help in your healing journey against

  1. wounds 
  2. cavities decay
  3. canker sores 
  4. acne 
  5. parasites
  6. winter ills 

You + Propolis = Wolverine Pro (Steve Jobs haha-ed)


1. Cordyceps AKA an edible Northstar

Simply put… 

Northstar has;

  1. Superhuman endurance
  2. Superhuman reflexes 
  3. Superhuman speed 
  4. Superhuman Stamina 

Cordyceps benefits are;

  1. Improves physical performance - endurance
  2. Higher endurance means more practice, more practice means improvedreflexes
  3. Helps with respiratory diseases - you breathe right -> your speed increases
  4. Boosts sex drive - stamina

Fun fact about Cordyceps: Kung Fu practitioners have used it for years to help gain an edge in battles. 

Know more about the history of Cordyceps and other adaptogens (link to the other blog)

1. Guardian Vs Siberian Ginseng


Ok dont take this the wrong way, but unlike Ironman, Guardian is smart AND stronglike physically strongnot iron suit strong. While this is extremely impressive, its still fictional. Whats not fictional is what Siberian Ginseng can help you with…  

  1. Helps the brain stay calm and energized simultaneously (decreasing fatigue)
  2. Helps in preventing certain types of cancer
  3. Boosts immune functions 
  4. Boosts energy and vitality 
  5. Help reduce inflammatory markers

Nonfictional and Super? 

DING DING DING the winner is Ginseng!  

And the list goes on...

The thing is, Adaptogens are not Superheroes… but they can turn you into one.


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