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Using adaptogens to adapt to our fast paced world

Using adaptogens to adapt to our fast paced world

Is Faster Always Better?

It seems like everyday our world is speeding up. The new iphone is faster than the last, my car can be started from my phone, heck maybe even my new toilet flushes a little faster than my old one. The current age of technology that we are in today is hiding the underlying premise that we are truly in the age of productivity. 

Whether this additional productivity is benefiting us or our bosses, I'll leave that up to you to decide. The point is however, that we are continually being expected of more and more. I think that is why caffeine is generally turned to, because it does such a good job at making us feel wide awake, focused and productive.

So then why would we create a coffee alternative if caffeine works so well? It’s because caffeine only works if used in moderation. There is an age old saying that an alcoholic drinks to feel sober, and if you drink caffeine every morning, I think this is something that you can relate to. I know I could when I was an avid coffee drinker. After months of drinking coffee daily, it stops having an effect and just becomes a necessity to start the morning. In this coffee craze I was in, I forgot that we aren't supposed to feel tired in the morning, I mean why would we be, we just finished sleeping! It wasn’t until months later, limiting my caffeine consumption to about one time per week that I realized I wake up ready to go! This did so much more for me than just feeling better in the morning too! It helped me in developing a more optimistic mindset as well as had me feeling more excited to start the day. No matter what you have planned, even if it’s a vacation, waking up tired just sucks, and when you have to do something you already don't wanna do, My mindset would be anything but optimistic.

 The Oasis Solution

And that’s why, in a nutshell, we created “NOT COFFEE”. This is a drink that we can consume daily, without it losing any efficacy. It provides natural energy instead of the very slight “high” we get from caffeine, and carries along with it the many benefits that functional mushrooms do. Drinking this adaptogen blend every morning kicks my craving for a hot drink, makes me feel optimal, and is healthy. I think very importantly however, it provides a buffer in between my caffeine consumption, allowing me to save it for days where I really need that extra boost. And believe me, if you quit caffeine for a month, you will be surprised how effective it is as a drug. This, in essence, keeps my body healthier (by avoiding too much caffeine) and allows me to take full advantage of my caffeine intake.

Mush love, Oasis team



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