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About Us

We believe in a world, a civilization, a community where people have access to products, education, and resources that inspire a holistic and innovative approach to wellness and healing. We strive to support the physical, energetic, mental, and emotional bodies to come back into connection with one another through natural products and modalites.

Oasis Mushrooms Inc. is a Canadian based functional mushroom, adaptogen and wellness company dedicated to helping people find their balance, increase energy, and adapt more effectively to everyday stresses.

Our mission is to create premium, potent, and ethically sourced adaptogen & superfood supplements that our customers can gain tremendous value from. We assembled a team of wellness experts and have established relationships with suppliers of the world’s most powerful and highest quality superfoods. We are inspired by sustainability, effectiveness, and impact.

Oasis is creating a movement that goes against the grain, a calm in the chaos, a symbol of true value in the world. An oasis is an unexpected source of thriving life! It is a place to fill up, restore, and recharge yourself for more challenging conditions. At Oasis we aim to do our best to fuel you up through our products, while giving you the tools and resources that you need to adapt to the world around you so that you can Transform Yourself™ & Find your harmony™.

Starting by tackling the problems of an overstimulated, over stressed, and disconnection society we will provide products and resources to support individuals to Adapt and Conquer Stress ™.

The world around us is full of distractions, stressors, addictions, and old paradigm belief structures that no longer serve our well being. These stressors and limiting beliefs have taken a massive toll on us as humans, so much so that we have forgotten the whole reason we are here on Earth. We have allowed addictions to be normalizing, overworking to be idolized, anxiety and depression to be the norm, fatigue and hypertension to be results of an everyday experience.

We believe that by producing high potency, ethically sourced, specifically curated formulations we can begin the process of healing the physical bodies from years of dis-eas, stress, anxiety, and overstimulation. In doing so allowing the body, mind, and spirit to come back into connection. Each of our products is full of natural, Earth based ingredients that support the body and mind to revitalize its human functions, allowing the spirit to be embodied.

Our first launch of products are aimed to:

- To restore overall balance back into everyday life
- To restore energy, vitality, and stamina back into our lives
- To reduce the effects of stressors
- To create a mindset that is “In the moment” and present
- To calm the body down allowing it to rest and recharge as intended
- To reduce inflammation & boost the immune system

Oasis will continue to go the extra mile for everyone involved in our business, provide claims to support the legitimacy of our products, curating education and wellness programs that support you along your journey to being the best version of yourself.

This movement is just getting started. Our team is excited to constantly bring new and innovative ideas to our approach. If you have any questions about the work we do, employment opportunities, or questions about your wellness feel free to reach out.