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I am Balanced
Free 30 Day Group Wellness Challenge
Do you see yourself transitioning out of an overstimulated, stressed, and disconnected lifestyle?

We are launching a challenge designed to cultivate a balanced life

Join the challenge if you are ready to

  • Break the habits which have limited you from reaching your full potential
  • Experience radical personal & business transformation
  • Cultivate a routine for a balanced lifestyle
  • Increase energy & performance in all areas of your life
  • Try something outside of your comfort zone
  • Commit to yourself
  • Raise your vibe

You’ll have access to

  • Guided breathwork & meditation prompts
  • Daily self-transformation routine designed by facilitator Jeremy Hoffmann
  • Weekly motivational group calls
  • Our private wellness community
  • A 25% discount on your Oasis Mushrooms order

Why so much value for free?

We are offering this program for free because we operate on the understanding that we are all one. This means that what benefits an individual benefits us all. In order to give you the best chance of success we ask that you take our Balance supplement during the challenge as the only requirement to enter. You’ll be given a 25% discount as a challenge member, and 50% of associated proceeds will be donated to OneTreePlanted (1 purchase = 10 trees planted).

It can seem as though you have WAY too much going on to take time for a balanced lifestyle, and that if you spent time on yourself that you could miss out on some other experience or opportunity,

We are going to be real with you; if you're not happy and healthy it doesn’t matter what opportunity is in front of you. You will have achieved everything you “thought” you wanted and find yourself unable to appreciate it because you’re stressed, exhausted, and disconnected from the world around you.

We believe that by cultivating a balanced lifestyle we can actually live in a state of connection (meditative state) and begin to embody what we like to call ‘functional flow’. This state of flow allows you to show up more powerfully in whatever you do.

Are you at your best? What is it going to cost you to not make powerful changes in your life? What have you got to lose by prioritizing your well-being? If you’re reading this right now it’s a good sign that you’re being drawn to show up for yourself and start something that has the potential to change the way you live your life.

What can you expect from the challenge?

Here’s the quick skinny more info on sign-up

Join the challenge now

The daily routine (30-40 minutes)

  • 5 min intentional breath awareness
  • 5 min power breath
  • 5 min mindfulness meditation
  • 10 min movement (dancing, yoga, stretching, jumping jacks, push-ups, etc.)
  • 5 min gratitude & mindful journaling
  • Drinking an average of 3 litres of water per day
  • Daily intake of adaptogens
  • Consuming 10 minutes of inspiring content (wherever your passion is)


  • Commit to the daily routine
  • Only 1 cup of coffee or 100mg Maximum daily caffeine intake
  • No alcohol
  • No vaping
  • No drugs (weed, mushrooms, MDMA, ketamine, etc.)
  • Set social media timer limit for 60 minutes daily
  • Attend group calls

Maybe you have heard of these types of practices & maybe you haven’t; either way a 30 day commitment will change your life. Consistency builds momentum and objects in motion stay in motion.

You will receive video instructions for each practice, as well as the opportunity to ask questions on the weekly calls and in the group chat.

Even though a balanced lifestyle looks different for each of us, the foundation on which balance & harmony are cultivated can be quite similar. This challenge offers you many of the best known tools and templates to bring your life back into balance. Once this foundation is laid it is your task to continue exploring practices that help you embody balance in your daily life.

Why does it matter?

Because learning how to find balance & harmony inside of this fast paced world is a skillset that will set you up for true fulfillment, success, and abundance.

It's time to get out of your own way. To stop making excuses. And to truly, authentically show the f*** up for yourself. It’s time to Get With It.

Join the challenge now