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Your new mushroom coffee alternative



What More Can You Ask?

Not Coffee is a synergistic blend of nature’s most potent Earth medicines. Awaken your mind and align your body with this nourishing daily elixir. Created to enhance mental focus, provide natural energy, and vitality. Shift your morning ritual today.

Nature is a powerful force with an intelligence of its own. Adaptogens are no exception. They are functional herbs that adapt to the body’s needs by bringing it into its state of homeostasis. The body’s natural ability to heal itself. This synergistic blend of fifteen potent medicinal herbs and mushrooms provides an abundance of life force needed for the proper functioning, vitality, and sustainability of the body and mind.


High caffeine consumption is a concern that can lead to many short-term and long-term health effects. Traditional caffeine intake depletes the body of essential minerals and nutrients, further leading to more imbalances. Our formula assists the body’s natural detoxification processes while providing it with the essentials required for it to come back into its natural state. Our body knows how to come back into balance. By simply providing it with nature’s nutrients it creates the optimal environment to do its natural job. The body can then reach a point where it can access the power already within it.

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What More Can You Ask?

Ingredients ~ Organic cocoa powder 10-12% alkalized, Wildcrafted Organic Chaga 8:1 dual extract, Organic Gotu kola, Organic mesquite, Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Nettle leaf powder, Organic yacon root, Organic Fo-Ti, Organic reishi 8:1 dual extract (fruiting body), Organic Cordyceps militaris 10:1 dual extract (fruiting body), Organic lion's mane 8:1 dual extract (fruiting body), Himalayan Shilajit (powder 50% fulvic acid), Organic cinnamon, Organic guarana powder, Himalayan pink salt.


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Why Not Coffee?

Coffee. A morning ritual most of us cannot miss. We get it. We’ve been there too. After learning about the depleting effects it has on the body and experiencing the highs and lows of energy and the crash that comes along with it. After too many restless nights waking up feeling less than rejuvenated and needing another cup to “plugin” to get through another day. It became clear that this was a toxic relationship we needed to finally let go of. A challenging breakup it was. Our days just weren’t the same without it. We missed the ritual. We missed having something to look forward to waking up. We missed the highs of energy - even if they were short-lived. And so, out of necessity and desire, we created a blend of our own. To support us in all the magic we are creating in the world. Without any crash, jitters, anxiety, and uneasiness. With consistent energy, focus, motivation, and willpower to crush another day. To take us from foggy-minded and low energy. To be centered and connected with self. To be fully online and activated. Just like coffee, but Not Coffee. We created this elixir for us and now it’s time to share this alchemy with you. Enjoy it however you please. The possibilities are endless.

Mush love, The Oasis Team

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