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Not Coffee

So much more than just a coffee alternative. 15+ Blend of mushrooms, minerals, and herbs

Balance is the supplement in the Oasis Adaptogens product line. Composed of highly potent functional mushrooms and adaptogens, you can think of it as your all natural multivitamin that works to strengthen your immune system, reduce stress, and optimize your body to prevent health issues in the future. This is a staple in the Oasis line and needs to be taken daily in order to achieve the benefits it boasts.

What is Not Coffee

Not Coffee is a synergistic blend of nature’s most potent Earth medicines. Awaken your mind and align your body with this nourishing daily elixir. Created to enhance mental focus, provide natural energy, and vitality. Experience the synergistic benefits of both functional mushrooms and adaptogens with a hot chocolate-esque taste. Shift your morning ritual today.

Why Adaptogens

Nature is a powerful force with an intelligence of its own. Adaptogens are no exception. They are functional herbs that adapt to the body’s needs by bringing it into its state of homeostasis. The body’s natural ability to heal itself. This synergistic blend of fifteen potent medicinal herbs and mushrooms provides an abundance of life force needed for the proper functioning, vitality, and sustainability of the body and mind.

Balance is officially recognized by health Canada to:
- Support the immune system
- Help increase energy & resistance to stress (in case of mental and physical fatigue related to stress)
- Provide antioxidants
- Work as a liver tonic

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