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Adaptogens for Energy

Adaptogens for Energy

As it seems more and more is expected of us each day, many of us are looking for something that can give us a significant boost of energy. Because of this, many turn to caffeine, but if it was such a miracle drug then why are millions of people across the globe looking for an alternative? Maybe it’s the fact that caffeine isn’t actually good for our bodies, the energy it provides us isn’t sustainable, or after a short period of time we become dependent on it. It’s because of this that many still drink caffeine not because it boosts their energy anymore, but because they need it simply to not feel like a walking corpse. Today I am going to highlight my favorite adaptogens for energy boosting that have no crash, burnout, depedancy, and are actually good for you.



Ashwagandha has been used in ayurvedic medicine for well over three thousand years. Many report its benefits to include improved concentration, boost in energy, and even a reduction in stress. In this study Ashwagandha was even shown to improve athletic performance, strength, and even cardiovascular endurance. As you can see, there is almost nothing as time tested as Ashwagandha in terms of getting that morning boost of energy.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is another amazing adaptogen if you are looking to hack your energy levels. It works in the body to improve blood flow, which in turn alleviates fatigue and supports healthy nerve cell growth. On top of this, if consumed at night, this herb also promotes relaxation and sleep so it is truly double edged in its benefits. I literally could not think of a more well rounded adaptogen.



While cordyceps are a mushroom, they are also adaptogenic! In studies, cordyceps have been found to boost the body's ATP production, which in turn brings energy directly to your cells. It has also been shown to rid the body of lactic acid faster which can make it easier to push harder during a workout. To sum it up, cordyceps are reported to improve muscle strength, circulation, reduce fatigue, and even improve immunity and respiratory health.



Ginseng has been used for centuries to reduce mental fatigue and improve cognitive and physical performance. Although research has not been conclusive on how it is having an effect on the body, scientists are speculating that it increases both our serotonin and dopamine levels. These are known as the “feel good” chemicals of the body. Despite the lack of research, it is evident that Ginseng can be used as an effective mood and energy booster.


As you can see, adaptogens are truly far superior to caffeine in providing the body with energy. While caffeine is a drug that simply numbs the part of your brain that makes you think you are tired, adaptogens actually work to energize the body's cells and provide energy through enhancing our bodily functions. Not only is this far healthier than caffeine, but once you are used to the more natural feeling adaptogens give you there is truly no going back. Every single adaptogen talked about today can be found in Oasis products so if you want to feel the difference for yourself, there is nowhere better to start.





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