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What is preventative health?

What is preventative health?

In the world we currently live in, it is most common to simply go about life and deal with problems as they occur. The issue with this, is that when we let things turn into a problem, it is much harder to reduce its effects. Let’s use overeating as an example. While doing so once in a while is rather harmless, if we wait until our weight becomes an issue to us, it will be much harder to combat. Not only will you have pounds of fat to lose, but now you are psychologically addicted to the act of overeating as well. Instead, if we simply set guidelines to follow within our diet, we would never run into any issues and have nothing to fix! This is essentially what preventative health is, thinking of an issue before it happens and ensuring you are taking the necessary steps to prevent it!

The Hard Truth

While in the example above the consequences may not seem so severe, things that many consider normal parts of their everyday life may put them in an irreversible situation. You see stress levels have been on the rise over the past few years and with that so has cancer rates. If we think of our body like a flowing river, when stressors pop up in our life they can be like dams, stopping the flow of water causing a buildup. Although this is not the case for all cancers and diseases, high levels of stress or anxiety are major causes of our increasingly unhealthy society. Not to mention the poor choices we are more inclined to make when under these circumstances (think fast food, coffee, nicotine, etc.). With this, it is important to find balance and ways to keep the energy flowing throughout our bodies so as to not have a buildup. Adaptogens are powerful herbs and mushrooms that can help us do so! Although they are no substitute for things like exercise, meditation, and breathwork, adaptogens can give us a little extra boost, helping our bodies to better process stressors and keep them in a state of homeostasis.

Eating to live

In a world that is constantly increasing in speed, convenience is becoming more and more valuable. This typically leads to unhealthy meals and snacks that do no more than fill up our tummies. Eating well balanced meals consisting of whole foods may not be as convenient, but they help our bodies to work harder for us for longer periods of time. Not only will we feel more energized, focused, and happy, but we will improve our immune system as well by making sure our bodies have the vitamins and minerals needed to be successful.


At the end of the day, the point of this blog is really to help us realize that having high stress levels isn’t something that should be considered normal. If you do suffer from something like this, it’s important to implement practices that can help you feel more balanced day to day. On top of this, eating healthy is about so much more than losing weight or looking fit, it’s about improving immunity and the overall output of your body through giving it proper nourishment. Here at Oasis, we believe our products are potent superfoods that can give the body an extra boost when combined with a healthy meal and lifestyle.

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