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Can Adaptogens ACTUALLY Remove Stress?

Can Adaptogens ACTUALLY Remove Stress?

With adaptogens starting to make their way into the mainstream media, more and more people are wondering just how effective they really are? Seeing constant claims on how they can “reduce stress” and “relieve anxiety” I think it’s important to understand what they are actually doing to your body, and how much they actually help. Of course, I will be giving my opinion/experience on the subject, but who better than someone who uses them on a daily.


What is stress and why is it important

When thinking about stress it’s easy to forget about what a stressor really is. Sure financial issues and work problems are stressors and what many would think about first when classifying what stress is, however, in terms of the actual definition, these would be very extreme stressors. This is because things such as loud noises and flashing lights are the basics of what a stressor truly is, and the less we react to them, the more energy our body has to heal. That is why even though a flashing light or a loud noise might not actually “feel” stressful to us, it is putting pressure on the body in a negative way.

How do adaptogens help with stressors?

This is why adaptogens are so amazing, essentially what they do over time is heighten our stress response levels. What this means is that if a flashing light would normally cause your body to go into a stress response, that same light may no longer cause that after implementing adaptogens into your life. An easy way to think of it is imagining adaptogens giving you a stress shield, sure it’s not gonna be effective against super intense stress, however it gives your body some extra help in dealing with it.

There is no magic pill ✨ 

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that there is no magic pill that can take all your problems away, and anyone who is trying to sell you one is being flat out deceiving. If you want to take hold of your stress and conquer it, adaptogens won’t be able to do it solely, however, in combination with things like exercise, diet, breathwork, and meditation, they truly will give you a boost! And in a world where the majority of people are stressed, and most doctor visits are stress related, we truly need all the help we can get. At Oasis, we aren’t simply trying to sell you on adaptogens, but sell you on a life where everything you do and put into your body is for the betterment of it.


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