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Single-Ingredient VS Adaptogen Blends

Single-Ingredient VS Adaptogen Blends

When it comes to natural supplements, you are presented with 2 options in terms of consumption. You can either take a bunch of single ingredient products, or, simply take one premixed blend. Today I want to highlight the differences so that you can tune into what works best for you and your lifestyle.


Blend it up!


Currently here at Oasis we only offer blended products. While we definitely want to expand to single ingredient products in our future, adaptogenic blends are our main priority based on the vision of our company. You see, functional mushrooms and adaptogens, although having been used for centuries, are still a relatively new idea in our current society. With that, our goal is to make these medicines an easy and ritualistic part of your day. Let’s take NOT COFFEE for example, while many may fall out of the habit of mixing in single ingredient powders into a smoothie or glass of water every morning, NOT COFFEE  allows you to form a sort of ritual around the consuming of your adaptogens. This ultimately in our opinion, encourages the user to consume more functional foods as a result because it becomes a part of their day that they actually enjoy instead of a task. 


Furthermore, blends are just easier for the average person. Instead of mixing ten to fifteen different single ingredients together, we have already done the work for you and made it taste good to boot! Something that would just not be possible with single ingredient products on your own. With this however, comes the great argument that since there are so many different functional ingredients in the formulation, it then becomes less medicinally potent. This is something we at Oasis actually agree with and one of the reasons why the company was formed. Seeing a hole in the market for a blend of adaptogens and functional mushrooms that was still medicinally potent was hard to find! When formulating our products, this was at the forefront of our creation and why we ultimately chose to use 8:1 fruiting body mushrooms only. This means you only require a miniscule amount of the ingredient because it is eight times more potent than just the mushroom on it’s own.


Another reason why we prefer blends here at Oasis is because some ingredients have a synergistic effect when mixed. For example, Cordyceps are an excellent mushroom for providing energy and focus while Turkey Tail specializes in immunity. While these are both great on their own, together, they will actually make you feel more energetic because the turkey tail is actively making sure your immune system is healthy, therefore, there is less energy wasted in your immune response.


When should you consider single ingredient products


While I personally believe blends are better for the vast majority of people, single ingredient products definitely make sense for a few types of people. The first would be someone who is highly knowledgeable about these products. With this, the individual will be able to tailor their ingredients specifically for the day ahead of them and what they feel at that moment. While everyone on our team could do this personally, we don’t feel the need as our blends give us a little bit of everything. Rarely, we may add one or two additional ingredients if we are feeling very unbalanced in certain aspects, but this is very uncommon. 


Closing thoughts

As you can see, there are benefits to consuming adaptogens and functional mushrooms in a blend and in single ingredient form. Given the nature of how these medicines work, as in they need to be consumed for a few weeks before results can be seen, we have found blends to be the most effective for the vast majority of people. At the end of the day, it is our goal to make the consumption of functional mushrooms and adaptogens a normal and easy part of everyone's day, so for us, good quality, medicinally potent blends are our current priority.



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