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Greater than the Psychedelic Boom

Greater than the Psychedelic Boom

It seems over the past few years, psychedelics have become all the rage. From microdosing to macrodosing, everyone and their mom is talking about mushrooms. I have even seen countless psilocybin shops pop up around the city of Vancouver! With all this mushroom talk, it’s hard for me to not believe functional mushrooms and adaptogens are up next!


The Psychedelic Boom

Psychedelics have been showing so much promise in scientific research. Whether it’s microdosing or marodosing, both protocols seem to not only work, but are having long term effects on the users. This is changing the game in medicine as normally antidepressants and antianxiety medication works as a bandaid. Despite this, psychedelics can be hard to integrate into everyday life. Not only are these medicines still considered taboo, but the intensity of these experiences are definitely not for everyone. Even though there is this discrepancy between individuals on magic mushrooms, psychedelics are still one of the most trending topics of this past year. That is why I believe functional mushrooms will be even bigger than psychedelic mushrooms in that they are for absolutely everyone!


Medicine For All

Functional mushrooms are not only proven to be extremely beneficial for a multitude of problems, but they do not get you high so there is absolutely no barrier for entry with these medicines. On top of this, there are so many species of mushrooms that have their own unique strong suits, so, regardless of what you are dealing with, there is most likely going to be a mushroom that suits your needs.


Our goal here at Oasis is to make implementing these medicines into your daily life as easy as possible. We see everything we put in our bodies as something that serves us and our products help us to make sure that this rings true. For example, NOT COFFEE is our caffeine alternative. Instead of starting your day with a drug that drains your adrenal glands and causes long term burn out, NOT COFFEE strengthens your adrenal glands and nourishes your body to provide you with natural energy. Not to mention all of the healing benefits the mushrooms carry along with them. Very soon we will also be launching a mushroom matcha blend! So if you do enjoy a little bit of caffeine in your morning, our matcha will supply that while still providing the natural energy and healing from the mushrooms.


As you can see, having a multitude of options is crucial to us because we want to be consuming as much of these ingredients as we can! Matcha in the mornings and NOT COFFEE in the afternoon, maybe we even need a before bed blend next!


I hope this gives you a good understanding of what we are trying to achieve here at Oasis. Ultimately, we just want everyone to feel balanced instead of the constant highs and lows we have succumbed to as a society. I truly cannot believe how much better I feel mentally and physically just by being mindful of what I put in my body and making sure it actually serves me. Food can heal us in almost any way imaginable, it’s just not advertised to do so! Regardless of whether or not you decide to buy our products or just try functional mushrooms in general, I hope I have raised some awareness to the fact that food can be your medicine if you let it.



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