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How Will YOU Adapt

How Will YOU Adapt

It’s impossible to argue that the energy of our world isn’t getting faster by the day. Whether it’s a new model of phone, laptop, or technological advancement, they are all designed to speed our life up. Even though this is good in a lot of ways, it’s important to remember that our bodies need to process this energy. With stress, anxiety, and mental illness as a whole on the rise, it is evident that we aren’t doing the best job at adapting. 


The problem

It is truly unfortunate that dealing with increased energy levels isn’t a course taught in highschool, especially since it is one of the most important parts of growing as a human. You see, as our life speeds up, and we simultaneously take on more responsibilities, our energy input and output levels are increased and we must adapt to this.Think of energy like water and yourself as a drain, when the flow of water starts to get faster and faster, the holes in the drain need to be completely clear or else the sink will overflow. Now you might be asking yourself, how do I know when my drain is clogged? That can be achieved from a simple self assessment. How are you feeling day to day? Stressed? Anxious? Constant health issues? Things like these are tell tale signs that you are not processing the energy of your world efficiently enough.

The solution

With all that being said, how can we adapt and learn to process that energy? As I can only speak from personal experience, I will highlight what has been most effective for me. To start, breathwork and meditation is essential for me in this space. I start every work day with a session, as well as end every day with a session. This allows me to not only be clear and intentioned starting my morning, but to release any tension or angst I may have after it is over. In my experience, my after work meditation sessions have by far been the most transformative for me as it helps me clear my mind of all stressors before settling down for the evening. Furthermore, exercise is also a staple in my routine. Lifting weights allows me to become hyper focused on a simple task and forces me to clear my mind. Much like meditation, afterwards I am left feeling not only ready to relax, but mentally calm.


At the end of the day, there is absolutely no one size fits all for processing energy. It is very much a matter of trial and error. Before introducing the practices I mentioned above, I noticed myself leaning towards unhealthy forms of energy processing such as binge eating and binge watching netflix. Just a lot of binging to say the least. While these make us feel better in the moment, we are only causing more damage long term. Once I started introducing healthier alternatives for dealing with my stress, my energy levels and tolerance for challenges skyrocketed! On a further note, adaptogens played a role in this as well. While I have said many times before, there is no magic pill to take away all of our problems, in combination with healthy practices like exercise and breathwork, adaptogens can really work wonders and are scientifically proven to heighten your stress response. With that being said, don’t try to do everything at once, start with one practice at a time and ease yourself into it. Self improvement is a marathon not a sprint.



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