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Meet Our Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Meet Our Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Once upon a time, there lived a people who spoke and taught about balance. Who turned to the earth for it’s healing properties and listened to it when it needed help as well. In this time, short and long ago, individuals used adaptogen plants and the best apoptogenic herbs in order to relieve their body's and minds of the stress we are put under. Unfortunately, genocides, appropriation and colonialism have silenced the ancient practices of many of these people. In the name of mass profit, we created a higher imbalance and stress in society. Many, especially those in eastern cultures still use and practice natural healing, and it is important to us to support those cultivating our ingredients and be transparent with you about the organics and the way that they are sourced as well as credit them. 

We live in a time today where we are overworked and disease and addiction runs rampant. The expectations for the human race have increased, and the technologies we created have not helped in the ways they could. Often creating a distraction, or used for profited consumption instead of widespread giving. It is time to turn back to the earth, to the information and resources long ago ignored. The individuals at Oasis have had the privilege to learn about these practices and formulate new technologies in order to heal, and provide, a new way of life for our western world. In a delicious cup of Not Coffee you will find the best adaptogens (a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress and balance bodily functions). We often see ourselves as ahead in this era, when in fact we are much behind. 

Our Adaptogenic Mushrooms! 

All of our mushrooms are grown in their native environments without the use of sterilization, starches and extracts and powders made with use of the fruiting body. All of our mushrooms come from nammex who are partnered with Chinese farmers to ensure they’re grown in their natural environments, true to the cultures, history, and nature’s intentions. 

A closer look: 

Organic Reishi extract- Historically and presently used in Asian countries, primarily China, Japan and India. It is used to promote peace, relaxation and to soothe the central nervous system. Reishi is one of the most revered mushrooms among Taoists and those who practice Traditional Chinese medicine. It is an ancient teaching and found in Chinese books as early as the 1500’s. Reishi’s use in Not Coffee provides an energy boost, can improve sleep quality, enhance the immune system, and boost overall health and mood. 

Organic Cordyceps militaris extract- Traditional uses of cordyceps include uses for overall healing with focus on cardiovascular and respiratory health. We use cordyceps militaris in our products which is slightly different from the original cordyceps but still packs the same punch and detoxifies and replenishes cell growth. Cordyceps are highly revered among Tibetian and Aruyvian cultures and it is very difficult to cultivate as it only grows in high altitudes, so we have combined new technology with the original spores and fruiting bodys in order to provide you with a working compound. 

Organic Lion's mane extract- Lions mane is famously thought to help brain health and memory as well as lessen depression, and inflammation. It helps to maintain and organize neurons in order to improve brain function. 

Wildcrafted Chaga extract- Chaga grows as a large conk on birch trees. Among helping with inflammation, chaga mushrooms can lower blood pressure and can help to lower blood sugar levels. 

With ingredients that have been used since at least 5000 B.C, designed to increase focus, strengthen the central nervous system, enhance the mind, and boost the immune system, Not Coffee has what your body has been anxiously begging for. To lessen the effects of everyday stress and cultivate a higher enjoyment of the human experience.  With lessons taught by humans since the beginning of time, and some of earth’s most powerful medicine, Not Coffee is an empowering choice to break the caffeine habit and, like many communities and our ancestors did, build resilience in both your mind and body. 


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