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Rewriting the story of your life with mushrooms

Rewriting the story of your life with mushrooms

Just like the rolling tides, our lives are constantly changing. Comparable to how gravity will suddenly pull the water back toward the moon for high tide, there reaches a point in our lives when there is a natural pull inside of us to change. Whether you have experienced this notion for change or are waiting for the feeling to get a little deeper, in the end, life is truly what you make it. It is within your divine toolbox where you can find the personal power, desire, and tools to make your life a good one.

We live in a distracted world, constantly demanding our attention. It is not often that we can pay close attention to how we are feeling and the expectations of being a human are much too high. We are challenged with the how of it all. How am I supposed to work 40+ hours a week, study, make meals for the kids, take the car into the shop, clean the house, maintain social relations, AND have a hobby?! Our human task list when living by society's expectations is largely overwhelming but what if I reminded you that it does not have to be this way?

Chapter One – The gift of being human.

It is important to note that subjectivity exists, and everyone has their own idea of what a ‘good’ life looks like. However, despite the differences and divides between us that are highlighted in today’s news, media and even our own homes, there is one thing that connects us all- the gift of being human. This objective truth allows a crossover in the desire for happiness, peace, connectedness, and unconditional love in everyone. Human nature runs deep through us all and we desperately try to find humanity in this chaotic, ever changing world.

Chapter Two – Perspective is reality

Perspective and perception come together to create the reality in which we live. We rely on our senses to tell us the truth about the world. However, if you were constantly looking down, you would have no choice but to be ignorant of the sky above you. Allow the reminder of human nature’s curiosity to also remind you that you have freedom of movement and vision. Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create the reality in which we live.

Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs may be one of humanity's largest challenges. We each perceive the world through our own lens and throughout time our lenses can get shattered and shifted by certain stresses, traumas, and the impacts of other people. Once we have our perspective, it can be difficult to break out of stuck patterns. The limiting beliefs that we have about the world can greatly (and usually negatively) impact our experiences and often we get or feel stuck inside a cycle of repeating patterns without the awareness to break out of them. Examples of limiting beliefs would be, “I’ll never make a good leader, there is only western medicine, or my relationships always fail.”

Limiting beliefs take a large toll on our bodies and minds through stress. The nervous system can hold onto trauma, stresses, and emotions of all kinds and, just like a chain, our bodies are only as strong as their weakest link. When suffering from stress, every part of the body works harder to attempt to find balance.

Adding magic to the mixture. 

It is only once we are aware of our limiting beliefs and mental processes that we are also able to make a change. Mushroom adaptogens work to decrease stress, stabilize emotions, and promote overall health and healing. Natural healing in this way can serve us by helping the physical body heal from the effects of stress and trauma while providing us with the balance that the body has been fighting so hard for.

Magic mushrooms can assist by strongly breaking us out of the thought process patterns or cycles by dampening the default mode network of the brain. Psilocybin chemically allows your brain to take a break from its usual patterns and experience something outside of the usual perception. In other words, if you have been staring at the ground, it can help shift your perspective toward the sky; allowing your perception to change.

Mindset, and the physical actions we are willing to take are the drivers to help us create lasting transformation in our lives. We are all part of a global network- larger than the one we can see through our phone screens. Within this connectedness, each individual act of transformation can transform the whole. It takes an act of deliberate harmony, a desire for agreement, balance, and a consistent arrangement of moving parts to create a working whole. Functional mushrooms are earth’s deliberate gift of harmony. The greatest tool in our toolbox- a chance for our bodies and minds to reach harmonious balance and agreement. A happy ending. 


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