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Not Your Average Magic Mushrooms

Not Your Average Magic Mushrooms

In a perfect world, there is a balance between the mental and the physical. A natural healer that would be able to bring us back to an equilibrium, a space where we can heal. Maybe our world is not perfect, but it is indeed magic.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic Mushrooms have been around since before life as we know it. Some theories even volunteer them as the reason behind life as we know it in terms of human evolution. They are popularly known for their psychedelic and, well, ‘magic’ properties. This magic includes the psychoactive portion of psilocybin, and its ranging benefits on the human mind.

The use of magic mushrooms can be said to date back to as early as 10,000 B.C.E. It has been known as a healing and transformative tool since the beginning of time as seen in Mesoamerican practices and many ancient tribal teachings. There are over 300+ different types of magic mushrooms, with the most popular being the Golden Teacher. This name is extremely fitting for its help with navigating the mental plane, teaching us about our subconscious, interconnectedness, treating depression and anxiety, PTSD and even connecting us more spiritually.

What are functional mushrooms?

Among this talk surrounding the traditional magic mushrooms, there are a multitude of health benefits hiding around the corner in functional mushrooms, who prove to be packed with their very own magic as well. The magic of functional mushrooms is seen in their unique ability to directly communicate with our bodies. Their practice originating thousands of years ago, medicinal/functional mushrooms have done everything from keep the Aztec and ancient Egyptians alive to cauterizing wounds in Indigenous communities. Functional mushrooms are widely used today in traditional medicine practices as well as across many eastern cultures. 

Functional mushrooms are considered a superfood or *adaptogen as they help support the body’s individual healing processes and they can take the stress away from your body’s work in recovering from different ailments and conditions. From the best adaptogens for stress, to the best adaptogens for energy or sleep, functional mushrooms are the tool to bring your body to it’s best working conditions. 

Each functional mushroom carries out multiple specific functions in the body. Overall, they help with physical strength, anti-inflammatory properties, digestion, and they have even been used in many types of cancer research and treatment. The functional mushroom can be taken in powders, tinctures, or coffees and pills. An adaptogen nootropic, they help to balance your energy levels and contain polyphenols, polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and antioxidant properties which all have outstanding benefits for immune system health. 

FUN FACT: The popular and especially important medical discovery of penicillin was derived from Penicillium notatum; a mushroom!!!

See the chart below to view just the beginning of the specific ways in which functional mushrooms can support the body. 



Lion’s Mane 



Turkey Tail 


- Reishi adaptogenic mushroom

enhances the immune system.

- Has anti-cancer properties.

- One of the best adaptogens for stress.

- Helps fight diabetes

-Improves nervous system function 

- Very high in nutrients

- Lowers cholesterol and can be used to help with diabetes 

- Helps to fight inflammation

- Cordyceps adaptogenic mushroom helps protect liver and kidneys

- Helps to treat coughs and lung ailments

- Helps with anemia 

- Improves stamina

- Improves gut health

- works as an anti-inflammatory 

- Responsible for the discovery of Krestin which is used in cancer treatment.  

*What is an adaptogen?

An adaptogen is an ‘herbal pharmaceutical’ that helps reduce the effects of stress in the body. Whether it be physical or mental, adaptogen plants play an important role in relaxing and rehabilitating the body. 

Functional mushrooms compared to magic mushrooms.  

Although functional mushrooms take a trip around your body, working their magic in healing and rehabilitating, only magic mushrooms can really make you ‘trip.’ This is because functional mushrooms do not contain psilocybin and therefore, they are not hallucinogenic and cannot get you high. Psilocybin is not considered an adaptogen and so that title is reserved for functional mushrooms only. 

We can experience the magic of this world in many little ways. Whether it be sharing peace with a crackling fire at the end of the night, staring up at a full night sky, or even witnessing the tiny miracle of a caterpillar cocoon, there is no denying that we are divinely connected. We have forgotten that there is an unspoken language between us and our planet. Mushrooms are the planet's direct way of communicating with us as information is passed into them through the earth, and then to us, through consumption. They are a gift of healing, truth, and connectedness. Why are we not listening to the language of our planet? Instead, ignoring it for synthetic consumption of man-made goods designed for profit. Consuming the trends of new western medicine instead of listening to the ancient language of our first peoples. Oasis adaptogens have found what was lost in translation and formulated in genuine connectedness and wholeness.


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