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Our Adaptogen Plants!

Our Adaptogen Plants!

As humanity has evolved, so have medicines, technology, dreams and inspirations. However, throughout evolution, we have strayed from the very nature and wildness that we are. As the Western world is consumed by overconsumption and dependencies, many cultures celebrate, dream, and inspire the medicines and technologies that our earth has to offer. With the privilege of learning about, and experiencing, the best apoptogenic mushrooms and herbs, Oasis has formulated Not Coffee. In his most recent documentary, David Attenbourg explains how “the wild is far from unlimited, it is finite, and it needs protecting.” With an earth and humanity in need of protection, Not Coffee’s ingredients are sustainably and organically sourced, from the earth to you. 

Our adaptogen plants!

Guarana - Guarana is sometimes known as brazilian cocoa and is named after the South American Guarani tribes. It is used as a medicine and it contains caffeine, therefore it stimulates the central nervous system. Guarana is a fruit, similar to the coffea plant. However, unlike coffee beans, guarana contains tannins, which is a molecule that allows it to release slowly in the body. Not Coffee contains guarana to provide sustainable, long lasting energy in a dose that does not risk caffeine addiction. 

Cocoa powder - South American cultures such as the Mayans and the Aztecs were the first to cultivate cocoa. Upon researching this ingredient, it has been discovered that many of the living conditions cocoa farmers face are destitute. As well as the historical appropriation of this ingredient, the importance of ethical sourcing is our focus. We get our cocoa from Organic Matter Foods. With the production in Italy, it is important to us to ensure those who are farming and sourcing our ingredients have a high standard of living and are supported throughout the process. Cocoa can help reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, as well as aid brain health. 

Shilajit - Shilajit is primarily found in the Himalayas and has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. It was used to restore energy imbalances as well as to treat certain diseases. Today, shilajit can function as an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory and can help to boost energy. 

He shou wo - He shou wo is a plant that was revered among many ancient Buddhists and Taoists. Common in Traditional Chinese Medicine, he shou wo can be used to treat diabetes, hair loss, and heart disease. 

Gotu kola - Gotu kola has also been named the fountain of life due to an ancient Chinese herbalist that was believed to live over 200 years due to its properties. It is claimed to be able to boost brain power, promote major organ health, and heal skin issues. 

Mesquite - Mesquite is a plant native to Mexico and it was used not only as a medicine, but also a main source of food. It’s health benefits can consist of lowering blood sugar and pressure, as well as promoting gastrointestinal health. 

Himalayan salt - As the name states, himalayan salt is primarily found in the Himalayas. It is packed with minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium which can give it a pink colour. Himalayan salt can regulate blood sugar, improve quality of sleep, balance the body’s pH, and improve respiratory diseases. 

Cinnamon - Cinnamon can be cultivated in South America and the West Indies however, it is native to Sri Lanka. It can be known to have powerful anti-diabetic effects and it is also thought to have antifungal and antibacterial properties. 

Ashwagandha - Since 6000 B.C, Ayurveda has used Ashwagandha in medicine. Ashwagandha can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as boost fertility (women) and testosterone (men). It can also improve immune function and reduce swelling in the body. 

Nettle - Nettle has been used for thousands of years, thought to trace back to 3000 B.C. Packed with nutrients, nettle can treat fevers, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. Nettle can help the body to flush toxins away and is thought to also help detoxify major organs such as the liver and kidney. 

Yacon root - Yacon root is believed to help with proper digestion. It is historically known and can be used for weight control, reduction of cholesterol and can help individuals with diabetes. Yacon is native to Ecuador and Colombia and is a type of perennial daisy. 

Our evolution does not end here. As we evolved past the traditional adaptogenic plants and medicines of our planet, we have created many synthetic pharmaceuticals that have similar effects. It is important to recognize the remedies that we have had all along. Oasis dreams, celebrated and is inspired by the natural healing properties of our earth and work to offer sustainable solutions to bodies and minds in need. With sustainably and ethically sourced goods, we want to bring the good of the earth to inspire the good in you.


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