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Eleuthero to Euphoria

Eleuthero to Euphoria

Beyond providing the essentials that we need in order to survive, the earth offers us healing magic in many forms. Eleuthero, commonly known as siberian ginseng, is one of the wonderful magic plants that nature provides for us. Appreciated for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and popularized by Russia in the 1940’s, siberian ginseng is packed with healing nutrients which can help restore balance in our bodies and minds. 

Okay, so you want to know more about it? 

Siberian ginseng is only one of many in the ginseng family. Other members include American and Korean ginseng. It is a plant that grows native to Eastern countries (including Russia, China, Korea and Japan), and is commonly known as an apoptogenic herb, meaning it helps reduce the negative effects of stress in the body. It grows as a shrub that can reach heights up to 15ft! It grows berries however, the root is often used while making adaptogen supplements. Apart from pill supplements, eleuthero root can be made into teas or used in cooking and wine recipes. 

What does it do? 

Traditional Chinese Medicine practices originally celebrated siberian ginseng’s benefits which included higher energy, longevity, and increased energy. Today, it is still thought to have many benefits to the body and mind, especially recently explored by Russian scientists. 

Body~ One of the incredible ways that Siberian ginseng is thought to benefit the body is through enhancement of athletic performance. It is used among Russian Olympians and believed to reduce workout fatigue and infection. It can be a powerful aid to the immune system and was traditionally used to help fight colds and inflammation. Siberian ginseng benefits the body by increasing oxygen intake and flow within the body. 

Mind~ Siberian ginseng is thought to be able to help with anxiety, depression, and even panic attacks as it helps to calm the nervous system. Its anti stress effects are thanks to the apoptogenic properties found within the plant which are called eleutherosides. As these active components travel throughout your body, they can take away stress and leave your mind feeling alert and at ease. 



Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng)

Korean ginseng is another name for Asian or Panax ginseng and it works with the active component of ginsenosides. This plant can include stimulating, heat producing effects and is thought to be more suitable for short term uses. In this short term, it works to reduce fatigue while enhancing your body's ability to cope with stress. 

Siberian Ginseng 

Siberian ginseng, despite its name, is not ginseng as it contains eleutherosides instead of ginsenosides. These active components have similar effects in healing stresses throughout the body as well as increasing energy and reducing fatigue. However, Siberian ginseng is more suitable for long term uses ( recommended at 1-2 months with a 2 week break).  Eleutherosides work to improve mental and physical performance during periods of stress.

Siberian ginseng is thought to help us achieve balance throughout the mental and the physical, by the restoration of energy and healing the damages stress has created inside us. Because of this, Oasis introduced this ingredient to the balance formula. Upon discovering the apoptogenic benefits of this plant, it is combined with other ingredients to enhance it’s magic. Used for thousands of years, celebrating and appreciating mother nature's gifts is our true calling and recipe to honoring innate harmony. 


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