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How Will YOU Adapt

It’s impossible to argue that the energy of our world isn’t getting faster by the day. Whether it’s a new model of ...
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Single-Ingredient VS Adaptogen Blends

When it comes to natural supplements, you are presented with 2 options in terms of consumption. You can either take...
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Can Adaptogens ACTUALLY Remove Stress?

With adaptogens starting to make their way into the mainstream media, more and more people are wondering just how e...
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Feeling under the weather? Try these MUSHROOM!

It seems like just about everyone I know has been getting sick throughout these past few weeks. I guess the winter ...
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Magic Mushrooms vs Functional Mushrooms

Functional mushrooms and magic mushrooms have a lot in common. I mean, they are both mushrooms! In this blog post I...
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Mushroom Tinctures or Extract Powders.. What’s Better and Why?

There are so many ways to consume functional mushrooms, tinctures and extract powders being the most common. In thi...
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