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Meet Our Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Once upon a time, there lived a people who spoke and taught about balance. Who turned to the earth for it’s healing properties and listened to it w...
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Rewriting the story of your life with mushrooms

Just like the rolling tides, our lives are constantly changing. Comparable to how gravity will suddenly pull the water back toward the moon for hig...
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Eleuthero to Euphoria

Appreciated for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, beyond providing the ...
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5 W's of Not Coffee

We begin early education learning the 5 W’s, but how often do we really think about the who, what, where, when, and why of our daily actions? Distr...
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Our Adaptogen Plants!

As humanity has evolved, so have medicines, technology, dreams and inspirations. However, throughout evolution, we have strayed from the very natur...
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Not Your Average Magic Mushrooms

In a perfect world, there is a balance between the mental and the physical. A natural healer that would be able to bring us back to an equilibrium,...
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